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Antoine Champion
Data Scientist

Key skills
Lead or conduct data science projects
Provisioning data projects into production pipelines
Requirements synthesis and specification writing

Programming Languages
Python • R • C# • C/C++ • JS

Data Science
Pandas • Dplyr • Spark

Azure • AlibabaCloud • AWS

Machine learning
Tensorflow • Keras • CoreML • ML.NET • OR-Tools

Docker • Terraform • Kubernetes • Github Actions

Bash, Powershell

Linux Debian, Slackware
Windows Server (Core)



  • Digigladd - Associate

    Feb. 2020 - Now
    Paris 8, France

    By successfully leading important missions that brought new key accounts for the company, I was offered shares of the consulting firm as a reward.
    I also helped providing an expertise to many inside projects that helped to define the future objectives of the company.

  • Digigladd - Data Scientist

    Aug. 2019 - Now
    Paris 8, France

    I realized many missions related to data science and cloud computing:

    • Conducting research, conception and deployment of multiple machine learning and deep learning models targeting computer vision and data scrapping : transfer learning from VGGNet, ResNet ; LSTM, HMM.

    • Brought the results of innovation research in machine learning into production environments by creating CI/CD pipelines, provisioning big data models into batch computing units and building serverless API gateways on top of them in Azure.

    • Exposed models results to an end-user interface in a web cluster with ASP.NET Core.

  • A&M Junior Enterprise - Data Scientist

    Nov. 2018 - Jun. 2019
    Lille, France

    A&MJE Lille is a local organization entirely executed by students, to offer consulting services to the market.

    • Solved a constraint satisfactory problem using Google OR-Tools framework in C#.

    • Used ML.NET to solve a vehicles matching problem.

  • CRAN - Open-source developer

    Aug. 2016 - Sep. 2018

    I created an extension to the R programming language. It was included into the official language repository.

    • Implemented pattern matching and nullable types in R.

    • Deployed unit tests.

    • Documented heavily and maintained the package for 2 years.



  • Hobbies

    Travels in unusual countries, diplomacy, sciences, technology watch, music theory and production

  • Personal projects

    • I realized a proof of concept aiming to generate highly metamorphic assembly code using a machine learning approach.

    • I went for two months to Hai Phong, Vietnam, in order to teach french to vietnamese children (summer 2019).

    • I made several mobile applications targeting WinRT/UWP (Windows Phone), including a forex market watch, several online magazine scrappers, and Android/iOS video games replicas (during early High School).

Python, R, C#, Data Science, Pandas, Spark, Hadoop, Cloud, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Machine Learning, Tensorflow, Keras, Caffe, PyToch, MX.NET, Theano, CoreML, Provisionning, Continuous integration, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, Github Actions, Bash, Powershell, Windows Server, Container, Functions, Batch